iPhone 13 ProMax running hot when shooting 4K video

Hello gang!

I am thouroughly enjoying my iPhone 13 Pro Max, and am now only taking this on vacation - the DSLR stays at home. For me, the quality to hassle ratio was reached by the 12 Pro.

What I noticed when shooting video in 4K/30fps is that it seems to run VERY hot after just a few minutes of shooting. I keep in on a DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal mostly, so it has no case at that time. Sometimes, it simply shuts down with an overheat warning. Kinda sad when the action I’m trying to capture is still going on… Granted, it’s hot where I am now, so that will make the problem worse, but it’s similar to Cupertino in the summertime…

Are there any tips I can use to reduce the risk of this happening, or at least have it happen less frequently?


For what it’s worth, I just shot 5 min of 4K@30 on my 13 Pro (not Max) and the phone stayed cool. I’m at room temperature though.

I shot about 8,5 minutes in 33° C over a span of 20 minutes and I could proably fry an egg on it.Didn’t shut down this time though :slight_smile: