iPhone 14 or 15?

My iPhone XR is experiencing cognitive decline and its days are numbered.

A lot of new models have come onto the scene since 2018. What do I need to know?

Between 14 and 15, if your finances allow and you are considering a standard or a Plus model, go for 15 as there are quite a few significant updates in this generation. It now comes with 6 GB of RAM (instead of 4 GB), the CPU is the same as on 14 Pro Max, and the main camera is much better compared to the 14 and is now able to shoot in 48 MP enabling a 2x crop to 24 MP that’s similar to telephoto zoom (it’s not the same 48 MP camera as on iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max as the sensor is different). Also, in terms of being future proof, there is USB C now (and the Dynamic Island so you are also current with that).


@dario makes excellent points. The 15 models are significant improvements over the 14. The extra RAM keeps apps open in the background longer for faster opening, USB C is making Lightning obsolete, and the newer processors mean the 15s will be supported with iOS updates longer. They also have better battery life.

Correction to my earlier post: The standard 14 also had 6 gigs of RAM (the 13, which I had, had 4, but then the 14 inherited the A15 from the 13 Pro with 6 gigs on board). But other points stand.

I thought about a 14, but the USB-C made the decision a no-brainer for me. I’m to the point where I can basically carry one cable for my iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

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I also stand corrected about the base models, but the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max also had 6, while the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have 8.

I went from an XS Max with 4 to a 15 Pro Max with 8, and doubling the RAM has made a huge difference. Slow loading apps like Obsidian now almost always open instantly after the initial cold start.

Ha! My wife and I faced just this very decision this week. We were not planning to upgrade our phones—she has a 7 Plus and I have an XS—but my wife found us a sweet deal that was too good to pass up.

We had a tough decision whether to go with the 14 line or the 15 line, and we ended up going with the 15.

We’re paying monthly on a three-year plan and the difference came to only about $15/mo (I don’t have the numbers in front of me—it wasn’t much.)

I wanted the better camera. I always want the best camera.

Getting the year-newer model now buys us an extra year of use on the far end.

We can hope to get another five years’ use out of our phones if Apple continues on its path of incremental upgrades rather than big new must-have changes. Every year I hear about the new upgrades, and I’m not hugely tempted. I just think, “I’m sure I’ll enjoy that when the time comes to upgrade in a few years.”

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With the switch to USB C and the improved cameras (and on the Pros, the higher RAM and titanium), this was a good year to upgrade for those of us who tend to keep our phones a long time.