iPhone 14 Pro Max - Perfection

It’s so nice to be in the Plus (Max) club again.

The keyboard is the right size.

Why did I ever choose a normal 12 Pro.


I have a 13 Pro Max, and prior to that, an XS Max. I love the big phones. Nice big screens, and I’m a fairly big guy with big hands so it’s nice to have room to type. Screen size and battery life are two HUGE features for me. My wife likes to tell me I use an iPad for a phone but I love it.

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LOL. I had the 6S Plus, but when the X came along there was no larger phone and due to cost I persisted into the IPhone 12 Pro, but kept noticing that the keyboard was cramping my style. I did well on the trade in for my 12 Pro, so decided to step up again. I’m so glad to be back.

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agreed. Ive been in the “big boy” club since the 6 plus and can’t really go back to the regular phone. I do wish that the pro max would allow me another row of icons. the screens are a huge waste of space. I used to jailbreak just so I could add more icons to the screens.


I never even considered keyboard size.
I’m forever pressing space instead of b n or o instead of p, etc.
I do like SE-size phones though.
I wish I just had my 11 Pro with a slide out keyboard case, or the Physibo (none of which seem to be made any longer).

the new TextExpander 7 ios keyboard has smaller keys than the regular iOS keyboard. :cry:

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14 Pro and 11 Pro are the same width, so that wouldn’t help. Pro Max is .24” wider, but also .5” taller. So I’ll stick with what I have and save money.

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I know the size difference isn’t massive, but it makes all the difference for me.

Oh, okay. You went from the Pro to the Max. That makes sense then.
Hmm. Something to consider.

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hmm I’m going from 11 pro max to 14 pro tomorrow - will see…


Yes, agreed! I had 6 plus and then returned to the regular size for a few years. So far, I’m enjoying the 14 Pro Max.

The increase in battery life is a nice benefit too.

One downside: now the iPad mini is getting much less use, but maybe this is just because I’m in “playing with a new device” mode. We’ll see how this tracks long term.

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Screen size and battery life has made the Pro Max models an easy choice for me since the Max models have come out. Love them :heart_eyes:

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I was thinking about go from my XS Max currently to the new 14 Pro Max. Having used the 8 Plus before the XS Max always felt a bit too narrow for my big hands as I had to slightly cramp my fingers. When I once tested the 13 Pro Max i figured it was a bit wider than my XS Max and typing felt more comfortable to me.
Now when reading the specs it seems the 14 Pro Max has gotten a bit more narrow again than the 13 Pro Max though and is pretty close again to the XS Max :face_with_monocle:.
Has anybody gotten any experience/comparison in that regard?

Here are my observations after a day with the 14 Pro, replacing the 11 Pro Max:

  • I can barely notice the size difference.
  • Face ID is much faster and more accurate
  • Dynamic Island is great for listening to music, and for watching timers.
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I’m confused the named topic of this thread “iPhone 14 Pro Max - Perfection”