iPhone 15/15 Pro impressions

I went to an Apple Store yesterday for a hands-on with the iPhone 15 lineup.

I thought it would be fun to create this post, so people can share their impressions of the iPhone(s) 15. Here are mine.


All phones, regular and Pro, feel great in the hand. The slightly rounded edges really make a difference. If one is inclined to go caseless, this lineup is awesome.

The brushed titanium on the Pros felt very similar to the aluminum on the non-pros.

Overall it’s not a great year in terms of colors IMO. More details below.

iPhone 15

Now that the regular phones have the Dynamic Island + frosted glass back, I was impressed on how similar they look to the Pros. I could only tell apart the black 15 from the 15 Pro if I checked the number of cameras on the back.

I can notice ProMotion, but a lot of people can’t. The 15 looks like a solid upgrade, apart from the colours.

The colors (or lack thereof) are horrendous. Even in the super well-lit Apple Store they all look white, specially the “blue” one.

iPhone 15 Pro (Max)

The Pros are indeed lighter. Maybe not as world changing as some reviews say, but it’s noticeable and very welcome.

The black and the white titanium are unremarkable. There’s no “wow” factor like a jet black or something.

I was so excited by the natural titanium colour. The frame itself looks great, but the back… The word that came to mind was “sad”. It’s a sad grey.
I wish the whole back looked like the frame. It would be DeLorean-level great, and the best looking iPhone ever.
I pre-ordered one but I’ll return it.

By process of elimination, the blue looks the best to me.

I played a little bit with the 5x zoom on the Pro Max. It was a very limited test inside a store with the phone tethered to a desk, but I could get a feel of the extra magnification. I’m curious to see the results in the real world.


Thanks for posting this. I’m still on iPhone 11 in Red and none of the 15 colors are appealing…….like at all. Sadly, battery performance has degraded quite a bit on the 11 so am considering having it replaced instead of upgrading.

I’m upgrading from a 4yo iPhone 11 regular to a 15 Pro Max.
In your case, compared to a red 11 these new phones are non-colours really.

If you’re willing to live with a black phone and use a colourful case, the 15 is a very good option. The 15 Plus battery is the best of all phones, even better than the Pro Max.

Otherwise, have the battery replaced and hold on to it for one more year.

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I’m on iPhone 11 too and thinking to upgrade to 15 Pro (not max because of the size). I’m a bit concerned about the battery though but don’t want the size of pro max. :slightly_frowning_face: .

the review on the 15 pro battery are very mixed

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