iPhone 15 Pro not getting fast transfer speeds with USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable


I just tested a new Amazon basics USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable compared to a basic USB-c apple cable.

I attached iPhone 15 Pro to M1 Macbook and on the Mac I opened the iPhone Finder window> files and located VOX APP (audio player).

Then I started a timer and copied 1.5 gigs of songs (from ssd) to the phone

time about 56 seconds

Then I unplugged and switched cables to the old Apple usb Cable and did the same thing

Then I started a timer and copied 1.5 gigs of songs (from ssd) to the phone

time about 57 seconds

So they both seem to use the same speed transferring to the phone.

I would certainly expecting they much faster transfer speed with the new USB 3.1 Gen 2 Cable.

Q: I am curious what is happening here and why I didn’t get faster speeds with the new cable?

Any suggestions are welcome – Dave

Hmm. If you connect an SSD to your phone and transfer the same files between it and the Files app, how fast is it?

Odd experience attempting to transfer files…

On the iPhone 15 pro I attached external SSD using fast USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable

On the phone I went to the files app and located the external SSD audio folder - held my finger down and said copy

Oddly on my Mac - I got a message saying it was copying files from the phone…

Why did the Mac tell me this?

  • on the phone I disconnected wi-Fi Bluetooth and cellular and tried again

  • got the same message on my Mac

  • anyway this time I let it copy and when the Mac showed up as it finished copy message - the timer said one minute 30 seconds

  • anyway – then I went to the files app on the phone and held my finger down and said paste

  • so then it pasted it in that in a few seconds…

  • still confused I disconnected the Mac from Wi-Fi so no Internet access

  • then I attempted to copy another folder from the SSD and paste it into the phone

  • for some reason I still got a message on my Mac even though there was no connection to the phone and Wi-Fi was off and Bluetooth and cellular

  • anyway forgetting about the Mac - it does seem that I copied the files (1 gig - 1.5 gig) in roughly 10 or 15 seconds - show that does seem like it is faster although this process was confusing to me.

If anyone can explain why the Mac was showing messages even though it wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth I would love to know what is going on with this…

Q: - so back to my original issue - why is it that transferring to the Mac is no faster with the fast cable? Any ideas?

  • if there is some other way to test transferring files from the Mac to the iPhone with the fast cable - I will be happy to try it…


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I performed a test similar to yours and for me using the 10 Gbps cable does result in faster file transfers than the default Apple cable.

Another test I performed was backing up the iPhone using both cables (with similar positive results).

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That sounds good - Thanks - I can try that also.