iPhone 15 Pro (with ios 17.O.3) occasionally still getting warm. It's 7:52 AM

As some others have noticed, occasionally the phone gets warm but not in a consistent fashion.

Yesterday during a longer phone call (about 30 minutes)

And also another time just listening to overcast on the phone speaker. (add other times overcast plays with no heating problem)

Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes, it’s happened sporadically on my iPhone 15 Pro Max - and in a very cold room too.

I’m also running iOS 17.0.3, and didn’t really notice an issue before the update so it seems that, for me at least, things have got worse. I didn’t have any Meta apps installed either, so that can’t be it.

I’m hoping iOS 17.1 might help, personally.

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I’ve noticed mine still sometimes gets warm. Not hot like it did in the first week or so, but just noticeable because I don’t use a case.

I didn’t seem to have any effect on the phone itself, so I’m not too worried about it.

I just installed 17.1 (beta), so we’ll see if that changes anything.

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Mine still getting warm without doing nothing. However, my iPhone 14 Pro was doing the same with iOS 16.