iPhone 6s in big trouble

After upgrading to IOS 13 my 6s is terrible . It‘s slow, battery is horrible. Safari is the main culprit. Once opened, the battery drains drastically with in minutes.
My friends having 6s facing the same issue. Can anyone of you found any solution to that issue?

if it’s anything like the iPad Air 2 issue, the solution seems to be reset to factory and restore from a backup.

I did the reset all settings but it didn’t work. I will do the full reset as you suggested and I hope it will resolve the issue


What’s the battery health on your 6S?

My battery health is at 75% and I watched the battery level from from 14% to 7% in about 30s on iOS12. This may say more about the hardware than the OS.

Are you on 5Ghz wifi at the time and does the same thing occur if your on 4g or only access to 2.4ghz wifi? I used to have a 6s plus & was getting huge battery drain when on 5Ghz wifi. My googling at the time suggested that it was a common issue with older phones (android as well as apple). It may help narrow down the issue to see if you can replicate it when not on wifi?