iPhone 8 case recommendations?

I’m an iPhone 8 user, what case recommendations? I think my current one is Spigen (spelling?). I want something durable but not too bulky.

Mous worked for me. I think it was recommended on this Forum. I got the leather-backed one. Very nice.

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I go to Wirecutter for purchases like this.

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Great suggestion! I think I’ll go off their pick for my iPhone case.

Anything by Bellroy.com is amazing. Their 3 card wallet case is beautiful and useful.

Otterbox I need a case that provides at least a semblance of protection from the elements/ It’s not that bulky at all and has saved my phone in the past.

This is my third iPhone. And my third Otterbox. I started with otterbox after destroying my third Blackberry. If the Blackberry lasted beyond the six month range it was a miracle. After the Otterbox it was much better.

I’ve stuck with Otterbox since then.