iPhone Apple Care in Turkey not allowed | Apple Support adivces to leave the country to get support

Hello dear community,

currently I am for vacation in Turkey. What is happening to me since the last days is bugging me so hard, that I need to share it with you. I am so frustated.

Bought an iPhone 11 with Apple Care from Hong Kong. Got service for it around the world. Now I am travlling in Turkey. Screen broke and I made an appoinemtn witht the genius bar from the main Offcial Apple Store in Istanbul, Turkey.
Than I got an E-Mail from the Appke Support stating, that I am only eligable for service in Tukrey, if my phone is registered to the BTK in Turkey, otherwiese no support is allowed. WHAT?!

BTK stands for the process that you need to pay around 300$ (in 2021) fees to turkey as a tax fr imported phones from aborad in order to avoid black marketing and to fix ta loop wholes. So far so good. BUT theere are NO expections for tourists and short time stays.

That means if you device does not show up in the central turkish device system (you can only be there if your phon eis bought within turkey or you pay 300 Dollars for your foreig phone) the service provider (even apple or chosen technich services by apple) are not allowed to offer you ANY service for your phone by turkish domestic law.

Result: Apple is not offering me service even though my iPhone has Apple Care!!! This info is official and has been proved by the Apple Store Turkey Support and also by the Apple International Support. Advice was to pay 300$ to the turkish state (and to wait I dont know how many weeks plus have a complicated procedure) or simply go to any other country in the world!

For further information on this issue:

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Türkiye'deki BTK'dan IMEI numaranızın kayıtlı olmadığına dair bir uyarı alırsanız - Apple Destek (TR) (turkish)

I am so shocked. I have a second backup iPhone which I am using right now, but I will fly to another country soon to get Support for my beloved iPhone and than come back to turkey to continue my travel. But what happened to me is just crazy in my eyes. Also Apple seems not to be willing to pay any extra expenses on my side due to this issue. All they say that they cannot help me at all with this issue in Turkey.

This is just sad. It would be nice if Apple would make a star in the regulations for “worldwide Apple Care iPhone” that there are huge limitations for iPhone services in Turkey. (Please also note that this limiation also applies to the iPad with a Mobile carrier, but does NOT apply to Macbooks or iPads without any mobile carrier. This turkish BTK-rule only applies to devices, which can get mobile data or use a sim card.)

  • See the screenshot below for the regulation Apple Informs you first in your confirmation E-Mail. However this information cannot be found anywhere before!!! So the lesson is than: If you have a device with an Apple Care (Worldwide), you better make a fake appintment with the travel destiniy apple repair service, get a confirmation E-Mail with all the details and than really know, whether you are eligible for service or not! I am also frustated about Apples Apple Care communicationf or iPhones in Turkey. If I would have known this I would have maybe avoided travelling here in the first place.

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might be the problem is in Turkish regulations, not specific to Apple? I could imagine a situation where a regime would want all phones registered, and demand the same for repairs, to prevent unlisted/unregistered phone use?

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Yes the problem resides on the turkish regulations. I talked with Apple Support Turkey and they said they are doing all to prevent this, but this rule exists for several years here according to other turkish blog posts.
Especially during the Pandemics (where travelling is already hard) this is so tough. I ended up buying a ticket to a euopean country, where they offer a same day repair and to fly back the next day. Total transportation costs for me (including hotel for overnight stay): 170€.

This is nearly as much as I paid for my Apple Care for my iphone. I am SO frustated.
Now the only thing I am interested: Is there any other country in the world having such a tourist-hostile regulation regardig the repair conditions? I would like to avoid those countries for travel, if I have an active Apple Care for my iPhone.