iPhone, Apple Watch, CarPlay AirPods and Continuity

So I suspect the issues I have are software related. Maybe user related. But I’ve never been able to figure out how continuity works. For example, I can listen to a podcast on my Apple Watch and, while listening click on the “Now Playing” icon only to see some song I listened to last week. The podcast is playing - not music.

I can be listening to music on my iPhone, plug it into my car, fire up CarPlay and some random thing comes up, or maybe Maps, or just about anything really. But, it’s NOT the last thing I was listening to while connected to CarPlay or for that matter, what I was just listening to on the iPhone.

I have an Apple Watch 4 (cellular) set to mirror my iPhone. I can hook up my AirPods to my watch, click on a podcast and usually only one AirPod works. Not both. The I proceed through 65 easy steps to get your AirPods connected to your Apple Watch. Finally connected, I click on the podcast and head out the door for a walk. Out of Bluetooth range, sometime the podcast continues sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll ask Siri to play the podcast and some song I listened to last week comes on. I ask Siri to play the podcast again and she does. Then my watch prompts me to record my walk and I do. Then the podcast stops. I click on “now playing” and my watch says it’s not connected to the internet. I ask Siri to play my chill mix and she does. I then click on the podcast to finish up and it does.

I get back home and head to work, plug my iPhone into CarPlay and the music I listened to while walking comes on. Or maybe not.

Anyway, it feels like a dumpster fire. I’ve reset my watch and phone from scratch and that solves issues for a while. I’ve reset the AirPods as well and that never really does anything.

All this to ask: Are there any Apple white papers that spell out exactly how continuity works, what the user experience should be related to AirPods and Apple Watch, and how, if possible, to set stuff up to one’s liking?

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