iPhone Audio Woes - FaceTime/WhatsApp

Hi MPUers,

I’m facing a frustrating problem with my iPhone. Whenever I’m engaged in a conversation over FaceTime or WhatsApp calls, I can’t hear the other person when I’m speaking. Strangely, I can hear them perfectly fine when I’m quiet or not speaking. This issue occurs consistently across different environments such as my home and workplace.

To troubleshoot this problem, I’ve already tried changing the microphone settings in the iPhone control panel to “Standard,” “Voice Isolation,” and “Wide Spectrum.” Unfortunately, none of these settings have resolved the issue.

My wifi speed is pretty good (600/700 MB) all the time and I don’t face any video lag, so it’s something to do with audio/microphone.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their iPhone during voice and video calls? If so, how did you manage to resolve it? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or insights you can provide.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Do you have a case on your iPhone?

Perhaps a quick test without a case might solve this issue.

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I do have a case, but it has space where the mic and speakers are. My friends also have the same case on their phone (since I got it for them and they don’t have this problem). What do you think might be the issue with the case?

Regardless, as you suggested, I’ll try without the case for a few days. :bowing_man:

Some cases are/were made where the mic and speaker shared a space/chamber which caused the iPhone to fight an echo effect. Since I don’t know what model iPhone or case you are using… I am truly taking a stab in the dark. Please let us know your results.