iPhone battery dies very quickly


I was mountain biking last weekend and when I start my session by iPhone 12 Pro (bought very recently) had like 85% or more battery left and normally it will last me a day or two easily. But now when I came back from the forest the battery was completely dead. When I plug it in it shown me that there was no juice left and after that it have behave normally. When I take look at the battery usage history it shows me that the two programs drained the battery to the point the phone will shut off and they were Find My app and Siri. I do have one airtag with me all the time now and I think it could maybe cause this since its tied to Find My mesh very closely. But I don’t have any idea why it would drain my battery so quickly when I go to biking. I am carrying it all the time with me now and its not draining my battery like it did on my first MTB session with it.

I am now very concerned about the liability of the airtag since if I could have lost my keys while biking it would help me to find them BUT if it drains my battery so quickly that the phone shuts off I can’t call emergency for example if I broke my leg or something in the forest.

I received my AirTags a week ago. I have 4 of them.

2 of them are always with me (personal keys and purse). The other two are not always with me (key for the office, keys for a local public building). I was on a hike yesterday: 3 hours in the woods.

No matter if I have the AirTags with me or not, I cannot see any significant battery drain. “Find My” used 5% within the last 24 hours and 4% within the last 10 days.

No matter what process it is: if it shows up with an activity of 100%, something is stuck there. The first remedy would be to shut off the iPhone and turn it on again. Most of the time, this simple step helps.

Bad coverage and a low signal lead to battery drain. But not with an activity level of 100%.

A faulty AirTag also might cause an issue like that, but I doubt it. 100% activity showing up under “Battery” feels like an issue on the iPhone itself - with “Find my”.

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I also bought the 4 pack of them and I have one in my keychain, one in car keys, one in my bicycle and one I gave to my mother. I’ve used them now couple weeks and no any drainage is shown until that MTB trip. And of course I would take immediate actions if I could have seen the battery draining faster than usual, but the phone was in my backpack so when I look at it next time at home it has been already turn off like an hour or so. So this might be a bug that is somehow linked to airtags or then it was just a bug in Find My app itself. But either way its something that Apple should take very seriously. Also that 28% Siri activity is not normal in my opinion. Be cause its for one hour time frame when the phone was all the time in my backpack and I didn’t even talk anything in that time. I also didn’t fall off my bike even once so the system should not think that I’ve crashed or anything.

I also don’t know should I close the programs from the memory time to time. The last update I’ve seen about it was that you should not close them all the time because restarting them completely will drain more battery than keeping them “open” in your memory. Idk does it have any effect into this since the Find My is working in the background anyway.

Maybe take it to Apple to get checked out. That sucks that’s happening to you.

That is correct.

After turning your iPhone off and on again, @Jjm’s suggestion might be a good idea if it continues to happen.

And yes, 28% background activity is quite significant. Something could have been or still may be wrong on your iPhone. Resetting the iPhone might be an option, too. But it is a pain to do… :slight_smile: