iPhone camera fogged up from the

I recently jumped into a pool with an iPhone 7. I took it out and set it in the sun not too worried since it’s supposed to be resilient against water. The phone is working 100% except the inside of the lens fogged up. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

No experience with this but an old trick is to put it in a container of dry rice for a day or two.

I would personally not recommend this. The dust from the rice can get inside the phone and sticky with moisture and then that might kill the phone. Silica gel packets work wonders though!

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I tried the rice trick before reading your comment Rose. Doh! The camera isn’t fogged up but the step counter isn’t working anymore. Oddly enough, location tracking is still working fine. So I can still use running apps/hiking apps to track my location. Maybe it’s still bit wet inside. If not guess I’ll have to get a new iPhone this fall (so sad).

Btw. I a grain of rice ended up getting stuck in the lightning port. I had to use sharp tweezers to fish it out