iPhone camera lens protector

I’m finally getting an iPhone, a 13 Pro, and someone suggested I get a camera lens protector. I don’t know anyone who has this, but I was wondering if anyone tings it’s important or a good idea. I’ll have a good case and a screen protector (notched for front facing camera). I’d love your opinions. Thanks.

I would not spend that extra money!
The lenses on the iPhone are pretty strong against damages.
If you put a kind of “protection” on top, you have a good chance, that this protection may be weaker, than the lenses.
On this way you might get scratches onto it, and later onto your pictures.
Also you might get some extra glare with it, and so on.
Even my wife was not able to damage a lens on one of her iPhones… :innocent:


Thank you so much! This really helps.

I’ve always used a case on my iPhones but never a screen protector. And so far I’ve only had one significant scratch on a screen (a fairly deep 3/8 inch). That occurred the only time I put my phone in the same pocket with my car keys.

IMO, if you want a screen protector, go for it. But I see no need for anything over the camera lens. AFAIK Apple uses sapphire lens on all its cameras. The best insurance you can give your iPhone is a habit of keeping it in an empty pocket.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate your advice.

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