iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity

Every so often I get the message that Cannot Verify Server Identity. Followed by three lines of a web address (ending in rackcdn.com) in quotes. My choices are to continue, get details, or Cancel. I have not continued, but details do not give me information that means anything to me. I have gone to the website but there is nothing there.
Any idea what is going on, what app is causing this, and what I should do about it?

Rackcdn.com is registered to Rackspace, a hosting, etc. company in Texas. AFAIK the company I used to work for still has their web servers there. I suspect the SSL certificate on that server has expired and will probably be fixed soon. If you clear cookies and try again you might connect to another CDN server and make a connection. I normally wait. These things happens to everyone.

Many years ago Microsoft failed to renew the hotmail.com domain name. A guy in Nashville renewed it himself so he could check his mail for something important. Then he notified Microsoft and told them he would transfer the domain back to them. :grinning: