iPhone Cartoon for the Day

For your entertainment pleasure this fine fall morning.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Cartoon


I don’t get it. 20 characters


Angler fish, using the iPhone as bait to catch the fishermen instead of them catching the fish. Maybe it’s a US vs UK English sort of thing?


OT: what does “20 characters“ mean?

A post needs to be at least 20 characters. If you write a post that does meet this character requirement, one can type “20 characters” (or anything else to meet this requirement).

You can also put the additional characters between < and >. Then only your short text is shown. I’ll post an example next.

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Like this

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Thank You. So, it’s a feature of Discourse.

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I did not wanted to confess it but, I also don’t understand it… :cry:


Yep, if you have to explain it, it isn’t funny… Sorry @OogieM :man_shrugging:

This one is more understandable…


I thought it was universally understandable as a fisherman being fished himself.

As I said perhaps it’s a culture difference but no one who I shared it with here had any problems understanding it and all thought it was really funny.

Sorry for disturbing your day.


I think what’s not universally understandable is (1) realizing it’s an anglerfish and (2) understanding the joke is about its anatomy/behaviors. Also, it sort of looks like the man is catching a really big fish with the phone somehow as his rod. Maybe it would be less confusing if the fish was holding the phone up in the air.

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