iPhone Color Choices

Between the XS and XR, we’ve got more iPhone color choices than ever before. For the folks who are getting new phones, what color are you going to get?

  • Silver
  • Space Gray
  • Gold
  • (Product) Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Coral
  • Black
  • Blue

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Note: The first three choices are the XS colors, the remaining 5 are XR.

you should make a voting option for not purchasing a new iPhone. that would be an interesting number to compare with all the rest.

I think “Will you upgrade to one of the new phones” is a different thread (feel free to start it!)


I’ve been a Space Gray/Jet Black guy for a long time. I think my last white iPhone was an iPhone 3G. However, I’m really tempted by the “Silver” (white back glass) iPhone XS.

Maybe half the people I know who bought a Space Gray iPhone X last year later said they might now have preferred the silver-white model.

I have the silver 6s Plus, and the silver is …okay, but I like the new silver-white models much more, and will probably get that one. (I need to see how the gold model looks in person first, though.)

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I’m torn between the Red and Blue.

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Who will know when it’s in a solid case, apart from the cutout around the lens / flash…

You will know. You’ll see glints of it on the back and side. And maybe you (well, not you) won’t always be wearing a case.

If colors didn’t matter manufacturers wouldn’t make them, and people wouldn’t obsess over them… or discuss them in fora like this one. :wink: