iPhone disabled for X minutes

Recently I’ve been taking my phone out of my pocket and it will say it is disabled, check back in X minutes. Today it was 7 minutes. I assume this is due to the passcode buttons being pressed by my leg or other items in my pocket. At the time I really needed to make a phone call and had to wait 7 minutes. How can I prevent this from happening?

Unless you turn off your passcode, there isn’t any way to prevent the “iPhone disabled” screen from accidentally being triggered while in your pocket. What else do you have in your pocket that could possibly be causing the issue?

Put it in your pocket with the screen facing out?
(Admittedly not my preference, as I’d rather protect the screen, but then again, my leg doesn’t try to open my phone either.)


I have some lactaid pills and the phone. If I take the lactaid pill and try to type with it, it doesn’t register. I thought the iPhone only responded to fingers and other body parts. The cloth of my pants is covering my leg, so why are the buttons getting pressed?

Buy a flip case with a screen cover.

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I keep my phone pocketed screen-side out for this reason. It’d either that or a case with a cover if your leg sweats through the pocket liner.

This is what I do. They make some really, really thin ones.

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I suggest you try turning off “Raise to Wake” (in Display) and “Touch to Wake” (in Accessibility) settings.

If you can live with those feature off, then you can keep turning them off.

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