iPhone ends incoming call when connected to home wifi

This is weird.

Suddenly, when I am on my home wifi (Eero), incoming calls are immediately ended on my iPhone 12 Pro. I see the call, but it immediately hangs up and shows “call ended.” If I am on my Mac, the Mac shows the call briefly, then says it was answered by my iPhone (or a message similar to that).

Other details:

  • Doesn’t matter if wifi calling enabled or not
  • Iphone is on iOS 15.6
  • I have restarted the phone and the Eero
  • I dont have any carrier update available (AT&T)
  • When I connect to my work wifi, I can receive calls just fine
  • This just started in the last few days, with no hardware changes

Any ideas?

Was there maybe a recent update of the software (iPhone/Eero)?

If you google for that matter, there are informations that a weak cellular network at your location could cause that. Acc. to these informations, it should help to put the phone on Flight Mode, and then connect to the Wifi.

I would switch off wifi calling, and see if that resolves the issue

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You already have said it: This is weird.

How does the AT&T signal strength look like when you are at home?

I only have one logical conclusion:

  • WiFi calling does not work for you any more. What does the iPhone say (status icon) when you are at home and at work? - Status icons and symbols on your iPhone - Apple Support

  • You are using AT&T’s cellular network for calls both at home and at work and there are signal issues when you are at home.

I am not saying that this definitely is the case, but I am not able to come up with anything else given your description and the steps you already have done.

Weird indeed.

Like others already have suggested: it might be a good idea to disable WiFi calling or even WiFi for debugging purposes to rule out WiFi issues.

A long shot theory …

We live in a cellphone dead zone, just at the edge of coverage. We currently use WiFi calling and it works well for us.

When on a call in the car, when transitioning from cell service to home WiFi, the connection is dropped. Apparently this is a known limitation.

Thus my long shot theory. The call is originally on cell. The system attempts to switch to WiFi. And the call is thus dropped.

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Thanks for all the ideas. Most of them seem to be around WiFi calling, but I have the same issue when I toggle WiFi calling off on the phone. Should t that kill it?

I didn’t mention I have a watch and iPad, both with cellular. I haven’t tried answering either of those, but I’m not sure how they may relate since the watch for example can receive calls to my phone’s number. Thinking of shutting down all devices other than the phone to see if that does anything.

Oh, I have other family members on AT&T who are not having this issue when their iPhone is connected to WiFi, even with WiFi calling enabled.

I’ll do some more testing and report back.

Looks like it may be a combination of weak cell signal and me being too quick in my testing :slight_smile:

I disabled wifi calling, waiting a bit, tested it, and incoming call worked fine. Switched it back on and it failed. Switched back off, waited, it failed again. Repeated a few times and it consistently drops incoming call when wifi calling is on, and sometimes drops incoming call even with it off. Strange that this is a new behavior after many years.

Anyway, I I left it off. Thanks again to all for helping me troubleshoot.

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