iPhone got wet and now the battery runs down fast

I dropped my iPhone 6s in some water a few days ago. I left it in a bag of rice for two days and just tried to power it on. I can see the battery percentage counting down about a percent a second.

Is there any hope? I’m open to all ideas.


My best guess for any battery issue is to either check that your settings isn’t all wrong, and then do a full erase and restore trough iTunes.

Immediately backup your iPhone.

Make an appointment at the nearest Apple location to have your iPhone evaluated for free.
Once the diagnostics are complete, the staff will explain your options.
Make a Genius Bar Reservation

The rice trick doesn’t work. But if the thing is working at all, then you have a chance that it will be ok after a few days of drying out in normal air. Warm it slightly for a few days (e.g. atop a folded towel on a low-wattage lamp or heating pad) to help it dry out inside. If you have some kind of coverage, invoke that and get it fixed or replaced but if not, you have nothing to lose by waiting.

However, do as pfasoldt says and back up immediately and often. Because it could die completely any time.

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Rice doesn’t work? Sooooo many people on the web are evangelical about rice. What I have read makes me think you should have left it in rice for longer than 2 days.

Apple’s offering reduced battery replacement for iPhone 6 or later phones until the end of the year: https://support.apple.com/iphone/repair/battery-power.

Technically, rice does work as a dessicant, just not very well. If you seal a bag (air tight) and get as much air out before you seal it as you can then it will bring some devices back from the brink. But something like silica gel is going to be vastly more effective.

The fact that the device is powering on at all is something positive, but the battery drain is equally something that only someone with diagnostic tools could analyse and resolve reliably. Not a typical consumer.

Your device needs professional help at this point and the learned folks above in this thread have noted all the good practices and actions you need at this point if you want to have a chance of continuing to use the device.

Good to know. Maybe there’s some use for those dessicant packets that come with new shoes and other items!

How did it go? Did you restore it in iTunes? Did you go to the Genius Bar?