iPhone group text messages

Trying to send a Picture to a group text message with 17 people in it. 3 of the people in it have androids. It keeps saying picture not delivered. Does anyone know how to fix this? I reset network settings but nothing.

It is probably coming down to the image being too large for an MMS attachment. I run into this with family members sometimes. I usually upload them somewhere and send a URL instead.

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Ok. It’s just a picture of 1 piece of paper. It will work if I send it to one person it’s fine, but as the group it won’t work.

Anywhere to find out if it is too large? Can i make a short cut to reduce it?

Resize images to Clipboard - here’s two Shortcuts:

  1. https://www.macworld.com/article/3309404/iphone-ipad/the-best-shortcuts-for-iphone.html#toc-5

  2. https://fossbytes.com/best-siri-shortcuts-iphone/

FYI when I’m messaging green-bubble-people I often just upload to my Droplr.com account and share links to pics. I like the analytics, the pic annotations, and Droplr’s self-destructing image option that cleans up my account.

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Thanks everyone for responding. It’s annoying. But thanks for the ideas.

Another idea - share by email instead of group text msg. Advantages of sending to a group by email vs text message:

  1. You can immediately choose how much, if any, to compress the image size. This nice feature works for both IOS and macOS Mail apps. You can send full-size (and full resolution) image file, or a compressed, smaller image file. You have no control over this when sending text messages, unless you go through other steps as suggested in the post by @bowline.
  2. Most email systems allow larger file size attachments than are allowed by SMS text messages (used for your non-iMessage recipients).
  3. You won’t annoy message recipients who do not want to receive multiple “ding!” sound notifications when, inevitably, many of the recipients respond with replies such as “Thanks”, “Got it”, “Great picture” …
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If you use iCloud Photo Library, you can now select “copy photo link” for any photo in your library, which you can just paste into the message. That link should be viewable by anyone with the link, irrespective of device or whether they have an AppleID, etc.

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