iPhone Having trouble organizing icons and widgets on homescreens

I’m really struggling to get app icons and widgets organized on my home screens. I had them all setup nicely and mapped to different focus modes. Then I went to add a new widget and everything seems to have gotten scrambled. I’m trying to move things around to different screens and the widgets aren’t dropping where I want them to be and everything is just getting jumbled more.

Any advice is greatly appreciated (pulling my hair out!!!)

The ability to simply put things wherever you want them on your home screens is one of the things I miss about Android. iOS’s insistence on ridgedly auto-arranging everything is annoying and sometimes frustrating. Start adding widgets and it gets more complicated.

Supposedly it will be somewhat better in iOS 18. In the meantime, arranging icons and widgets will continue to be a matter of fiddling around to try to get a layout you can live with.

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