IPhone MagSafe minimum voltage or Amps

I’ve bought a MagSafe Puck for my iPhone 12 Pro.

It charges great using the USB C plug from the iPad Pro 12.9”, but when I plug it into my trusty Anker 6 power power hub via a USB C to USB A, it doesn’t charge at all.

If I plug the same USB A to USB C adapter into a 5w iPhone charger with the MagSafe, it shows as charging (albeit I assume more slowly)

Does anyone know what the minimum requirements are?

I think it’s more complex than voltage or current. USB-C has a protocol for negotiating between chargers and devices. Since you’re plugging to USB-A, that negotiation probably doesn’t happen, as USB-A uses a different protocol that isn’t well standardized, and wasn’t part of the USB-A standard.

TL;DR I think the answer is a different charger.

If you want to read more:




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@JohnAtl is right, USB-A isn’t supported. Read Apple’s Support Document on MagSafe here:

Apple recommends at a minimum a 20W or greater USB-C power source. I just picked up the Apple one for $19.

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