iPhone Mini Questions

Sadly, many reliable rumours have confirmed that the iPhone mini will not be in Apple’s forthcoming lineup. Hopefully, they are WRONG.

Lately I have been thinking about the mini a bit and have the following questions:

  • Are you using the iPhone mini and if yes, what are your plans when iPhone 14 is launched?

  • If you previously used iPhone 13 mini and have moved on, please explain why

Thanking you :pray:

I’m convinced that the 13 mini will return in early 2024 as the next generation SE. I suspect it will be worth waiting until then to check out the upgrade path for anybody who loves the mini form factor.

Bought the iPhone 13 Mini and then about 5 months later have switched to an iPhone 13.

For me, the size was nice when moving around with it in my pocket (and most of the time I’ve a bag), but for general use I found it a bit small. Specifically using some key apps out and about, such as maps in the car (current car doesn’t support Carplay) and geocaching. I also found it a bit small to type two handed (but was much better single handed typing).

The Mini is going to go to the wife, who is currently using an SE, as the video and screen on the 13 in HDR is amazing in comparison. So it wasn’t a wasted purchase!

I recently bought a mini and love its size and power. I also think the Mini will live on as the SE, once that gets the full screen treatment.

I expect I’ll not replace this until iPhone 17 comes out, hopefully longer. It’s a very powerful machine.

I’m an iPhone 13 Mini user. I don’t plant to upgrade when a new iPhone 14 is released. I tend to keep my phones for a very long time. When it becomes obsolete, I’ll probably buy the smallest iPhone available.

12 Mini here. I upgraded from the original SE. While I hope they continue to make smaller phones, I don’t plan on upgrading for a while. Very happy!

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Maybe they finally used up all of the leftover iPhone 8 cases?

I love my iPhone mini 13, but the keyboard is just too narrow. I am rather full-fingered, and typing is very often an exercise in frustration. It reminds me of using the 4S. I loved that phone for many reasons, but I hated typing on it. I never wanted a phone larger than the 4, because it (like the 13 mini) fit so well in my pocket, where my phone spends most of its time.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to replace this 13 mini with something larger, but not because of anything wrong with the phone. It’s just cheaper than having my fingers replaced.

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Since I’m a heavy iPad user, I always went with the smallest iPhone on offer since the iPhone 5S and SE. Refused to buy 6, 6S, 7, 8, X and Xr, since they’re all bigger than I like and need.

I’ll hold off on purchasing any iPhone as long as my 12 mini is supported with software updates and runs acceptably fast enough.

I’m cautiously optimistic on this as well.

And pretty sure that we’re going to see new smaller form factor devices again eventually. Maybe not as regularly as a yearly update, but every two or three years. Maybe as a lower-end device as well - I don’t mind.

Much like the iPad mini, maybe. Think that would be great, as the iPad mini has received fairly new and powerful SoC in the last few generations, while being quite affordable compared to bigger products.

PS: Reintroducing the smaller form factor as an SE would also fit with previous releases
Apple has always been unwilling to sell “big (screen) and cheap”, pushing customers that prefer bigger screens (most) to more expensive models.

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iPhone 12 mini user here.

I really don’t want Apple to kill the mini lineup because I love the compact size. I don’t consume media on my phone or play games, so I don’t need a big screen.

My usage includes texting, calling, taking quick notes, managing tasks, replying to emails, and listening to audiobooks and music.

For this, the size of the mini is perfect. I tried using the 13 Pro for a couple of days to test it out, and although I loved the camera, I didn’t like the bigger size at all.

If they do cancel it, I hope that they release it as new SE models in the future.

What’s the battery life like on the mini? I’ve heard a few complaints that it doesn’t last the day. Is there any truth to this?

YMMV, of course, but I had a 13 mini for about a week (before realizing it was just too small for me), and I had no issues with battery life — even while it was analyzing my photo library and downloading a million emails, etc. it was totally fine.

The Pro models are next level by comparison, but if you just want to last the day, the mini has more than enough juice.

I managed to get two days out of it, so I don’t know what people are doing to only get a day!

The 13 Mini is quite decent battery wise, comparable or better than 12 regular model. I heard the 12 Mini was a bit disappointing in this regard.

That’s exactly like me. I always carry my iPad Pro with me. I had a first gen iPhone SE until recently upgraded to 13 mini.

I was going to hold off to 14, hoping to have a small phone with USB C. But either of these doesn’t sound likely to happen so I decided to upgrade, mostly for the battery and camera.

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The battery on my 13 Mini has been great, easily lasting a couple of days except for:

  1. There was a HomeKit bug that drained battery life horribly. Updating my Apple TV fixed this on both our phones
  2. Apple’s “charge to 80% then top up right before you need it” feature just doesn’t seem to work for me, even with Sleep Focus activated, so my phone often starts the day at 80%. It still lasts the day with battery to spare.

My 13 mini gets better battery life than the SE it replaced. Sometimes the SE got pretty low before I got home at the end of the work day. The mini hasn’t had that issue.

This thread has inspired me to give the Mini one last go. A green 128gb mini is on its way to my home… Let’s see. Best case: I love it and no need to buy another iPhone until the mini form factor makes a come back. Worse case: I return it in two weeks and go back to my iPhone 13 Pro.

I really want this to work out… no pressure on the iPhone mini lol

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As long as I am not using the iPhone for hours of navigation, it lasts me the whole day. But I am a moderate user who doesn’t game or spends the whole day scrolling through news or social media feed (use iPad for these tasks), so your mileage will vary.