iPhone Navigation w/ Limited Connectivity; Saving or Cached Map Tiles?

For traveling where there is limited connectivity, is there an iOS app that you prefer that caches map tiles, as well as your saved route?

@JohnAtl - Based on your Twitter “cover photo”, you look like someone that might be able to address my query above.

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Try Galileo app? Galileo.

No. Do you have personal experience with it?

This is pretty much the only thing I use Google Maps for. Just type “OK maps” info the search field and you will be presented with the possibility dto download the area around you. If you want to download some other area, just pan and zoom to get there. Once you click download, all levels of detail, including POIs, are downloaded. You are also informed in advance how big the download will be and what is the available space on your device. Works equally well on iOS and the Mac.


Also available from the slideout menu. Offline maps also enables you to get directions inside your saved areas.


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Sorry, I don’t have any experience with this, though it would have been helpful in Colorado. Interested to see the responses you get.

Interesting timing on this post. Just this weekend I found myself lost in the woods with some mountain biking buddies of mine. No cell signal. Thankfully, I had the Gaia GPS app on my phone with the area map already downloaded. Saved the day!

Depending on your use case(s), this might be a good app to consider. — jay

I use Google most the time, but I bought Galileo years ago before anything else could do this.
I still use Galileo from time to time and make sure I have the vector maps downloaded before going on holiday.

As they are vector based you can easily download a whole state or country.
It also lets you record your route as you travel, which I find handy in an unfamiliar location.

ALK Co-Pilot can download maps to your device. You can select by region or whole US or Canada.

I have travelled in US recently and have used navmii which is available for iOS as a free download, with options to pay for extras, of a GPS controlled offline map.
You need to download regions. E.g. US states.
If I was able to find my way around Florida on my phone without using any mobile data on the road then it is an idea worth sharing.
Extras include using street names instead of numerical names. Well worth it.
Thanks to the moneysavingexpert UK website for the suggestion. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/travel-tips/