iPhone not showing fitness sharing activity

Here’s an odd one I can’t figure out. A friend can’t see all her friends fitness activity on her Apple Watch, but on the iPhone it just lists all her friends but shows 0% activity and empty rings. We’ve tried quitting the fitness app on the phone, restarting both the phone and watch and made sure both are up to date.

Any other ideas we can try?


This may sound silly to ask, but are you/is she absolutely certain that the watch is still paired with the phone? I ask because when my new phone arrived a couple of weeks ago, due to a series of setup events so convoluted that I’ll spare you the details, I spent a couple of days with my watch not paired with the new phone. It was not obvious at all that this was the case until I looked for my fitness data on the phone only to find it missing.

Yes very sure it’s still paired. It’s showing her own fitness and workout activity and I can see her activity shared me with. It’s a mystery this one.

it sounds like she’s on the sharing tab (at the bottom) and not the activity tab

Sorry my bad, I meant can’t see the friend activity. Here’s a screenshot of what she sees. This was from yesterday where we all did a spin class together. Her activity shows but everyone else’s is greyed out and showing 0%. Although her watch displays the friend activity and both devices show her own.

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