iPhone only apps on iPad

Do any of you use any iPhone-only apps on your iPad?

I just started using an iPad and was appalled to find Castro had no iPad app (and no plans to add one). I kind of wish 8 hadn’t subscribed, as I’ve gone back to Overcast!

No, I avoid iPhone Apps on iPad, simply because I think they look silly. I have no idea if it is a big bother for the app developer to also make an iPad app or to scale the iPhone app to look better on iPad, so won’t go as far as to scold anybody for not having an iPad version of a specific app.

When I discover that an app doesn’t scale to iPad, I simple delete it again. Most often I will keep using it on my iPhone.

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I do write apps as a hobby and it takes time to make the app look polished, so I do understand it to some extent.
But it still surprises me!

I use the eero app on my iPad. It’s made for the iPhone. Doesn’t look bad at 2X. But, still, there should be an iPad version.

As a cross platform developer in the middle of building UI for a tablet/phone app yes, it takes more time. (As a note I do most of my work in Nativescript + Angular, so true native developers experience may differ)

Depending on what you have written in an how your code is structured, it could take a very long time.

The reason for this is different UI metaphors, on tablets a master view pattern is popular, where you have a menu to the side and tap an option to display different content in the main window. But on a phone you would likely start on the menu and drill down into a function.

And so you can become lazy and design code that is not location independent. Though this might be a problem with just cross platform frameworks more then Swift.

Lately I have been structuring my code using a modified MVVC pattern, I have a model layer to hold data structures and types, a business services layer to handle functionality as a controller, UIcompoments which are self contained UI which I embed into a views layer. Views are screens and just emit IO as events, and lastly I have an orchestration layer which glows views to business logic and handles navigation.

Instagram. It’s insane that there is no native iPad app. For a service so focused on photography, I don’t understand why iPad users are forced to use safari.