iPhone Photos Workflow

I’ve playing with PhotoSync and WOW… exactly what I needed!!

Could you expand on the geofencing sync? Is it by using iBeacons?

@RosemaryOrchard in a recent podcast you’ve mentioned you were using iBeacons. Do you recommend any?


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I do think Apple Photos does that now-not mess with your native filing/organization system but I still don’t trust it to make the switch.

I started PhotoSync as well as a result of this post. Manual transfer is wonderful. However, I don’t get it running in the auto transfer mode. I defined the target location, selected wait for wifi, defined a start date (in the past) and added my home location. I have been away from home a few times since then, but nothing happens when I arrive home…Any clue?

I just leave the photos on my phone and occasionally back up using Photos on the Mac. (In addition to other more general backups of phones and iPads.)

I like the idea of having my photos to hand anywhere, even without wifi or signal. So far I’m not close to bursting out of my 128GB iPhone - and that would be fixed with a 256GB one when I replace it.


PhotoSync + Hazel sounds exactly like what I need and I’m going to try it. However, I would like to expand it so that the pictures I favorite (or perform some other function on manually) on the comptuer end up back on the phone. This because

  • I really like the built in functionality of collages on both Google Photos and iPhone and I want to be able to view the best photos on my phone.
  • I think its easier to go through the photos on a computer.

Does anyone have experience building a workflow like this?

So basically the workflow would look something like:

  • Taking photos on my (and some family iPhone)
  • PhotosSync backs up the photos periodically in a folder on computer
  • I delete the photos on iPhone
  • Hazel sorts the photos
  • I go through the photos and the favourites end up back on the iPhone

Maybe Hazel can put the favourites in a separate folder structure and all of those somehow get synced to the iphone…

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