IPhone prompting for AppleID Password on reboot?

It looks like we last saw this nearly four years ago: Apple ID password prompt - #5 by dajashby

I often power off my phone overnight to save the battery. When I power it on again, it will prompt me for AppleID password which is course stored in password manager. (Just updated to 16.0.2 and it still happens).

Does anyone know why this is happening? Have I offended apple by not purchasing a new phone in Sept?

I’m curious why you don’t just plug in and charge the phone overnight?

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I don’t like to waste electricity or leave devices on unnecessarily. That’s just me.

I’m curious as to why this happens. I can’t imagine it’s a feature.

  • Mark

FWIW the solution “Is iCloud Keychain currently enabled at the moment in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Passwords and Keychain? If not, try enabling that option. If it’s already on, try turning it off, restart the device, and re-enable it.”

Found via: IPhone prompting for AppleID Password on … - Apple Community