iPhone Protection

In readiness for pre-order tomorrow, do you guys use cases and screen protectors on your iPhones?

I love the look of the new silicon cases but £49!!! Ouch… is it really worth it?

I hate having to use a case as iPhones are just so good to look at! However, with many a cracked screen I feel the need to protect.

Mind you, I am finally taking out Apple Care to replace the inevitable cracked screen…

I always put a case on mine, and the Apple Leather cases are my favourite. But I’m a dropper so if I don’t I end up with a dented phone.

The iPhone X’s screen was so easy to scratch that I ended up with a case with a flap to protect the screen. My 6s had barely a scratch and I never put anything over the screen.

Yes they look amazing when “naked” but they seldom stay looking good.

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So am I. But 2 weeks ago my wife picked up my phone and dropped it, cracking the screen (something I have never managed to do myself). It was 5 days outside the two year apple care screen protection warranty. Fortunately Apple took pity on me and fixed it for the warranty price :sweat_smile:. I have always used the apple leather case but have ordered something more substantial after that scare.

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Screen protector, but no case.

It’s hard to translate 4x less likely to break into a case purchasing decision. Presumably that’s a higher threshold of drop before there’s any chance, and then just the usual Russian roulette but with better odds?

On my 6s and now on my X-RAY I’ve used a RhinoShield bumper style case. Protects the edges from damage and keeps the screen and back from contacting surfaces. Also provides a better grip. No damage on either phone. I’ve dropped them numerous times in house and car.

In the past I have used a case (usually not an Apple case) but no screen protection (my wife, on the other hand, uses both). Presently I’m using neither, but I have the SE 2020 whuch was pretty cheap.

Such a mix of answers! Now I really don’t know what to do…!!!

I drove over my iphone 11 pro max and shattered the screen completely. Fixed it under AppleCare. No worries.

So do you not worry about protection at all?

I have two little kids, one of them a toddler, and on the two occasions I tried an iPhone without a case it ended up dented within a week both times (because my children decided they wanted to look at my new phone and ended up somehow causing the damage!).

As a result, I’ve always had a case since.

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Clear case and a screen protector. My wife’s iPhone has a deep scratch on the screen protector so it may have prevented a scratched or cracked screen.

The case keeps the back from getting scratched/damaged and possibly reducing future value (upgrade, trade-in or sale).

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Always have it in Otterbox Defender case. The rubber outer layer have a solid grip to the phone. With an 8 year old using my phone it’s peace of mind. Also it’s fallen down multiple times and the phone is still as if it was just walked out of Apple Store. I still have the Apple Warranty. Just around the 23 month mark if there is any issue with the phone like screen showing some pixels burnt or blue streaks, the Genius Bar will just give me a replacement phone. good for another 2 years :grinning:


I was told that now when you are approaching the end of your AppleCare phone warranty Apple will contact you and ask whether you wish to extend it on a monthly payment. This is new since I bought my 10sMax 2 years ago. Sadly only available to new purchasers though, not retrospective

Use a third party leather wallet-like case that holds a few credit cards and ID and encloses Phone in folded leather. When I go out, that is all that I need to take. Protects phone for the incidental drops. Well padded, in part by the credit cards.

Used this approach for the last two iPhones that I have had and would not want to go back to carrying a wallet AND an iPhone.

I have been thinking about going this path with my iPhone XS. How did you come to decide to go this direction?

I have used a clear case with a screen protector for a long time. I am thinking of changing that because the case does not allow me to plug my phone in to an adapter that charges the phone a plays it through the car stereo at the same time.

Exactly. I wish I was this brave!

I haven’t done it yet. The bravery aspect has been my hang up. I am due for an upgrade in 6 months anyway.

In a word, AppleCare+. These are beautiful devices and I like being able to actually see them. Unless I was in a situation where I needed a battery case I’ve been running ceaseless since the iPhone 6. The screen protector is because little scratches and dings in the screen really annoy me.

All that said, I did just order a MagSafe case for my iPhone 12 Pro to experiment with. In the past getting the phone in and out of a case has been such a PITA that I either went caseless all the time or alway had it in a case. It seems like the MagSafe case may be easy enough to get on and off that I could run it caseless most of the time but pop the case on when I needed to. We’ll see.