iPhone screens disappearing

My iPhone SE 2nd generation keeps disappearing my screens with my apps. Only three screens are available- Home Screen, news? Screen to the left and Application Library.

I called Apple Care and some idiot supervisor claimed I had to get the apps one by one. She didn’t even try. So I called the Spanish line and a lady in Nicaragua figured it out.

Well, they are presently hidden. I called again and got an Apple :green_apple: rep that was trying very hard to figure it out and couldn’t.


If you have hidden screens/pages of apps, long press on the page switcher dots above your bottom dock of apps until everything starts shaking. Then let go. You’ll be taken to a view that shows all your screens. There, you can take the empty checkboxes on the missing ones, so they’ll appear when you swipe through. When you’re done, just hit Done in the upper right corner.

Note: depending on your timing with your long press, you might not be taken straight to the view that shows all of your screens. If that happens, just tap on the dots again.


The dots weren’t there but I think I fixed it by going into focus and turning it off!

Thank you!

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If the dots aren’t showing, then just go into regular wiggle mode and the dots will appear. At that point, tap on them and you will be taken to the view that shows all your screens.

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I think we tried that but the dots didn’t show up until I fiddled with Focus.