iPhone SE Homescreen

Most often used apps live here. Frequently used second tier apps are in folders. Lesser used apps on other screens.


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I just wish i could remove the labels from apps

How did you remove the label from your folders?

I found a blank character to paste into the label field
You can copy it right here >‍‍‍‍<
(The characters between the greater than and less than symbols)

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It took a little fiddling but I did get this to work. I was confused at first because when you copy/paste it shows four boxes with a question mark in them between the symbols while editing the name. It goes down to two boxes once you delete the leading and trailing symbols but then it goes to a blank name once you tap done. It might be a little bit too minimalist for my use but cool to have as an option.

Jamulan - Thanks for this the folders look a lot better now I am able to remove the names.