iPhone Setup - Enter Passcode for Other iPhone

Work have provided a new iPhone and I’ve logged in to it, to be greeted with the following screen during setup (2FA is enabled for the account, with no option to switch off).

There is no other iPhone associated with the account when I check the Apple ID site or when I check iCloud. I also only have a four digit passcode.

Any ideas on how to resolve this (or what services I won’t have access to).

I’d initially set the phone up on my personal account (permitted), but got fed up of the shared phone calls and iMessages and am now looking to separate the two. When I joined the institute, I did setup the iCloud account I’m connecting to on my work provided iPad, but that I’ve been using happily on my personal account.

Are you trying to transfer data from the other phone? If so, you need to enter the other phone’s passcode.

I’m not, no.
No other phone is linked to this account, and nothing should be being copied from my personal phone (which isn’t names Chris’s phone either).

I reset the phone and when started, selected the manual setup and didn’t want to download anything from iCloud so set it up fresh.

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I ended up taking a risk and changed the email address on the AppleID I was having issues with and then created a new AppleID using the work email address.

That has resolved matters.

I have then been able to log in to the App Store using my personal account, so I’ve got the best of both worlds (no iCloud sync for apps, as it’s different iCloud, but that’s not the end of the world and allows me to keep work and personal data separate).

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