iPhone stands for WFH (working from home)

Since most of us are WFH now we’re probably using the same comms solutions.
I’ve found that my iPhone is difficult to position for video calls.

What iPhone stands would you recommend for this??

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One of these (or one like it) might work, as it’s telescopic then you can avoid the ‘up-nose’ view point! :wink:

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I’ve got two of these:

They’re cheap, but they hold the iPhone fine. With some adjustment, it floats beside my home monitor for WFH. Then, I’ve got one on my bed headboard, so the iPhone floats above me to watch YouTube or movies in bed, or journaling with a my Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard.

Cheap, but does the job.

I’m looking for a desk dock for it that charges though. But there is a cutout on these stands to plug the charger in.

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Huh. Would you look at that. The subject can be read two completely different ways. I wondered why the iPhone stood for WFH.