iPhone upgrade time…with some twists…

It’s upgrade time! I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max bought in December 2019 on the iPhone Upgrade Program. Didn’t actually upgrade last year, so thinking 13 Pro Max this year.

Also, think it’s time to switch carriers: been on AT&T since time immemorial, and have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. But…that’s not as distinct as it used to be, and we moved to an island with better data coverage from T-Mobile. Whenever we switch, it’ll be two lines (mine and my wife’s), minimum.

To add a wrinkle: in the last month, my phone developed some hairline cracks along the edge. They’re barely noticeable, but they exist, and since I’m on this Discourse, you know I notice, and wonder how that would affect trade-in, etc.

So: trying to navigate the switch to get as much trade-in, switch, and rebate goodness as possible, and it’s a crazy amount of options to keep straight. Just stick with Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program? Make the order from the carrier site? Send in my phone for display repair somewhere in the mix, to mitigate any trade-in value dings? Head is swimming…

Open to any wisdom anyone might offer in that tangle. Thanks!

I would not worry about the repair. It’s really not worth it. I would first rake it to an Apple Store and do the trade in. It’s easier to deal with a live human being and odds are they are more considerate towards the trade in than shipping it over and waiting for the result.

If Apple says the screen is cracked and give a lesser amount for trade in, then evaluate if the cost of fixing it then and there with Apple, how much will you get back on the trade in value. If it does not cover the entire cost then just take the lesser value and be done with it. It worth fixing it.

If it were me, I would just head to an Apple Store trade it in and buy the phone unlocked from Apple and just activate with the carrier. No strings attached.