iPhone upgraders - are you adding in Applecare?

Replacing my 7+ with the XsMax was a huge jump in cost to what I paid in Nov 2017. Last time I went for Applecare+. However its another big stash of cash on top of the outlay (no monthly option here - and no theft insurance option).
Would be interested to hear who is going to add it, who is going to pass

Of course I have never had to use my Applecare on the 7+ :wink:

I have had to use AppleCare twice (once on an iPhone 5 and once on my iPhone 7). I’ll definitely be getting it on my new iPhone Xs. A big part of that is it gives me the confidence to go caseless with my phone, which I prefer.

Before deciding whether to buy AppleCare, you might want to look at Apples out-of-warranty repair pricing for the iPhone Xs Max. $329 for a cracked screen, $599 for other damage (which includes broken back glass). Both of those are about twice what damage to your iPhone 7+ would run.

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I never had to use Applecare+ on my 6S Plus, but… piece of mind for a handheld device used multiple times a day that could get broken, lost or stolen? Yes, please.

Yup and this year I got the added loss/theft coverage. Peace of mind.

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No. I‘d rather maybe pay more money on a repair then definitely pay so much money on something that probably never happens.

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I use the phone a ton and with three kids in the house I actually get a case and AppleCare. Just AppleCare though. I have never lost my phone.

The only people I know that have lost founds tend to be the late night weekend warriors. So lost insurance = drunk insurance. :laughing:

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I was stone cold sober when I lost my iPad Air 2 a couple of years ago.


Yah I don’t lose my phones either. I’m more concerned about theft especially when traveling abroad. One never knows what might happen.

I didn’t. I have mobile phone (loss, damage) insurance as one of the benefits on my bank current account - I get that Apple Care hs a few other benefits but I couldn’t justify the additional cost for that

I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program, so it’s required.

I have it on my iPad Pro, too, though, for peace of mind.

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Yup added to mine. Didn’t get the theft option as someone would have to pry the phone from my cold dead fingers!

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Thanks for the input. I’m going to get it. The screen repair cost of $530AUD and ‘other repair’ cost of $930AUD are too eye watering to contemplate…

If you convert these amounts to usd we pay more here (for most apple products) but I don’t want to start that discussion…

I have had an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Pro 10.5 with cracked screens at different times. Didn’t have Apple Care for either, but one was covered by insurance through my bank and the other through home contents insurance. Had both devices repaired by the insurers. They work fine, but they are not the beautiful screens I bought. In both cases, the screen came back fixed, but it’s clearly not been done with Apple parts. The screens are too glossy for one thing, and the colours are faded. Disappointing when one reason I bought the devices was for the gorgeous screens. Ended up replacing both with new devices and made sure I got Apple Care.

Can anyone comment on to the quality of Apple repairs/replacements of cracked screens?

I do AppleCare+ on my phone because I have a nasty habit of breaking them.


AppleCare has more than paid for itself over the years. Just had a Homepod go bad – the Genius bar guy did all sort of diagnostics, gave up, and sent me home with a new Homepod. Paid $39 for AppleCare – received a $349 device without question when the original went bad. This has happened over the years with Macs, iPhones, etc.