iPhone Wallpaper Customized

Getting far from the mac universe I know… but I’ve become a bit fixated on creating custom wallpaper for my 11pro max…

I thought I was fairly adept at working with photoshop and procreate, but, even downloading wallpaper and adding custom touches - the resave changes (increases) the size once adding the jpeg as a new wallpaper in settings.

Anybody ever played with this stuff.

I’ve tried a few Apps to make wallpaper but failed.

Anybody know what the size of the image should be?

Hate being fixated on something so off the radar …but now having trouble letting it go.

Really appreciate any inputs!

From Apple: 2688‑by‑1242-pixel resolution at 458 ppi

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Yes …appreciate the nice clear data …unfortunately saving my image in PS saving to iCloud translates as larger once imported … thanks though.