iPhone X cases on the iPhone Xs

I just joined the tennis club and got an iPhone XS yesterday. Unfortunately, we have a very poor selection of iPhone Xs cases but there are many more X cases. I’ve read that the X cases should fit, as long as they aren’t close fit, but I’ve also read concerns about covering the video mic so I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience of using a X case on an Xs.

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I searched but couldn’t find it.

I can echo the issue of cases that are too closely fitted not working on the XS.

Unfortunately my 3 Bellroy cases (one wallet-style, one back-only) didn’t fit - the bottom part of the camera cutout was too tight. In fact I raised this with Bellroy (as they advertised the cases as cross-compatible) but they said I should just push it in hard to click it into place. I wasn’t that keen on putting unnecessary pressure on the camera bump so have currently switched to a combo of a sleeve case (Hard Graft) and the Apple case.

It will come down to how tightly the X case was designed to circle the camera bump - I’m now aware of issues with the video mic though, sorry.

Interesting. I picked up an inexpensive iPhone X battery case from Amazon about two weeks ago. I put it on the iPhone XS for a few minutes and found it successfully charged the iPhone, and I could use apps and the camera. But I haven’t done anything more with it.

I hate to go out for a full day and not have a battery case in my bag. When I’m working in my home office, as I usually am, I can keep the phone charging all day but it runs out of gas when I’m on the road.

So I picked up an official apple iPhone X case…and I haven’t noticed any issues (yet). I then found another store nearby with a bounty of iPhone XS cases :man_facepalming: Murphy’s law.

I had an Apple leather case for my iPhone X. I tried it on the XS but the camera opening was slightly off which caused the volume and sleep buttons to need more force to work. I tried to expand the camera opening a bit after going as far as I was comfortable I wasn’t completely happy with the feel so picked up a new XS case.

I have heard some manufacturers don’t have such tight tolerances on their cases so their cases fit on both models.

Does anyone know if Xs case fits on an iPhone X? My wife needs a new one and likes the silicon apple one but has a X and it doesn’t appear they sell them anymore.

Sat in the Apple Store the other day and saw someone trying an XS case by Apple (the silicon one I believe) on their X - there was a slightly large gap around the camera bump but we’re talking fractions of a millimetre.

Are you still having good luck with your 3rd party battery case for the XS. I really like them for traveling but don’t want to spend the money for the Apple version.

Ask me again in a week! I’m taking a trip with it now.

I never use it when I’m home, and to tell the truth, when I’m out I usually can go a day without the battery case. But it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

I have had excellent results with third-party cases for iPhones. I’ve bought a new phone every two years, and a third-party battery case for every one.

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Bought this one and I am VERY pleased: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HK2JB2Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It has a switch that you can turn on on the back of the case. . .once the phone is charged up, switch it off and save battery!

Getting ready to travel and am quite relaxed to not charge along the way.

I’ve used this case

a few times and I’ve been very happy with it. Phone slides in and out easily, it’s got enough charge to get me through a full day of moderately heavy use, and it feels good in my hands.

One very nice touch: It charges with a Lightning cable. Every other charging case I’ve owned, for previous iPhones, used a micro-USB cable. I didn’t care about the Lightning cable support when I got this case. But man, Lightning cable support is great. It means I can charge the phone and case with the SAME cable. One less thing to worry about!

Mine charges with the lightning cable also. Phone can stay in case. Yours looks nice, too. I’ll save the info just in case (ha!)

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I’m surprised how much of a difference the lightning cable support makes to me.

The Bellroy cases are so nice though. I have the 3 card wallet case on my iPhone XS Max. Using their MAAP all conditions wallet. Hard Graft makes some amazing products too. I love my Offhand Shoulder bag.