iPhone X Disabled Lock Sound / Keyboard Clicks

For some reason I cannot get Keyboard Clicks and the Lock Sound working on my iPhone X (iOS 13.3). The volume on the phone is about 50%. Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound are enabled in Sounds & Haptics in Settings. The phone is not on DND or Airplane Mode.

Any suggestions?


Has it connected with a Bluetooth device such as headphones, your car, etc. ?

I know this sounds simple, but have you rebooted your phone?

@geoffaire @JohnAtl

Thanks for the tips. Bluetooth is off and phone rebooted – no joy :frowning:


not flicked the silence switch on the side?

Nope. I’m beginning to think maybe some app is overriding iOS settings – but that seems farfetched. I’ll keep digging.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Since I had some downtime, I reset the iPhone to factory, which forces an iOS “reinstall”. All’s well, now. Clicks are back.

I had been doing some TestFlight tests of an app for a friend and maybe that introduced a bug – again, very unlikely, but since things are now back to normal I’m going to consider that testing as the culprit.



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I haven’t been able to get the unlock sound to work since iOS 7. /s