iPhone X Disabled Lock Sound / Keyboard Clicks

For some reason I cannot get Keyboard Clicks and the Lock Sound working on my iPhone X (iOS 13.3). The volume on the phone is about 50%. Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound are enabled in Sounds & Haptics in Settings. The phone is not on DND or Airplane Mode.

Any suggestions?


Has it connected with a Bluetooth device such as headphones, your car, etc. ?

I know this sounds simple, but have you rebooted your phone?

@geoffaire @JohnAtl

Thanks for the tips. Bluetooth is off and phone rebooted – no joy :frowning:


not flicked the silence switch on the side?

Nope. I’m beginning to think maybe some app is overriding iOS settings – but that seems farfetched. I’ll keep digging.


Do keyboard clicks and lock sounds use playback volume or ringer volume? It might be that your ringer volume is turned way down?

Thanks for all the suggestions. Since I had some downtime, I reset the iPhone to factory, which forces an iOS “reinstall”. All’s well, now. Clicks are back.

I had been doing some TestFlight tests of an app for a friend and maybe that introduced a bug – again, very unlikely, but since things are now back to normal I’m going to consider that testing as the culprit.



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