iPhone XR display

I went into the Apple store yesterday and checked out the iPhone XR… And I was disappointed with the display. I’m coming from an iPhone 6 Plus which I’d like to upgrade, and I can’t deal with the fact that the XR has a lower resolution than the 6 Plus…

How have other people found the XR display?

There’s a nice infographic here of iPhone resolutions, screen sizes, scaling, etc.

You’re correct, the Xr is iPhone 4, 5, 6, SE, etc. resolution.


I think I recently read an interview with Phil Schiller in which he noted that the lower resolution was not relevant when the display was still sufficiently ‘retina’ that you can’t see the pixels.

Coming from anything smaller than a 6+/7+/8+ the XR will be an improvement in both size and pixels (and processor), so for most people it remains a substantial upgrade.

I’ve got a 6S+ so the screen will be easier on my eyes, but not offer the advantages of more real estate on the bigger screen. Looking at the 256Gb XR versus the XSmax with AppleCare+ with Theft/Loss the XR is $1149, while the XSmax is $300 more (not counting case).

I’m leaning towards spending the extra money for 2-3 years of phone use, for that extra screen estate as well as the camera.

But I bet that a lot of people preferring to save the money; word is that Apple expects a large chunk of customers to go for the $799 128Gb version with $149 non-theft Applecare+. And $948 total is a lot less than $1448: the $1249 256Gb XSmax (there’s no 128Gb tier) plus the basic (yet more expensive at $199) Applecare+

Took delivery of my Xr today. I am liking the larger screen. Coming from a 6s, it seems I have the same PPI, just more of them. The display goes far brighter than the 6s, so I tend to use phone as a brightness fairly low on the scale now. That leads to not noticing the non OLED levels of black!

If you’ve been ruined by OLED, then perhaps you might not be content. But from a 3 year old 6s I am very happy!

FaceID plus iOS 12 with the 1Password integration has made getting logged back in to everything just amazingly easy…


So, I am wondering, are you disappointed by the fact that it has lower resolution, or you actually felt the screen is a downgrade when you used the phone?

I bought mine last night. Since I’m moving from a 5s, the display looks great. I used the Xr and the Xs side-by-side last night. I saw a bit of a difference, but it didn’t seem huge to my untrained eyes.

I’m going to use the cost difference to get a Homepod.

PS. The orange / coral looks great. Also, I’ve discovered my face must not look like my face when I’m laying down.


Wait until Black Friday. Just sayin’. :money_with_wings:

For me, I’m leaning towards the Max again, mainly because I need 256Gb storage, and the differential between XSMax and XR is less at that level than if I were willing to get the 128Gb XR. I just did my weekly encrypted iTunes backup of my iPhone 6S Plus, and noticed that I filled it all up, and I’d rather opt for more storage than putting myself on a data diet.


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Black Friday is a good plan. I will wait. Plus it’ll give my credit card time to cool down.

And yes, if I had needed 256 I would have gone to the XS. But since I was moving from 64 (of which I was using 50), that seemed like overkill.

I have currently iPhone X, and checked today the XR in store. To be honest, the XR display is very good. I’d say it’s very close to the iPad Pro display.

Which iPad Pro screen?

Either - they are both 264ppi, so that would be worse than iPhone 4, 5, 6, SE.

Moved from a 6s to the XR which I’ve used now for 48hrs. I can’t fault it, it’s great phone, bigger than the 6s but having a LG did phone for work it’s not noticeable.

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Exactly, in my case I was referring to the 10.5 model, because this is the one I use. And I was not referring to the technical details. I was referring to how I see images on it compared to other devices.
One more point, it doesn’t support 3D Touch.


This is a wondering, do dots per yard define the screen? Do not have much experience with apple tablets till my 10.5. Err an itouch 3? And no apple phones until i got Max.

Happy, satisfied with both …

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Finding this thread again, and reading further down, I have to say, still very happy with the Xr.

A note on the lack of 3D Touch… occasionally I miss pressing into the app icons to get that little menu (although I enjoyed that like enjoying a fidget spinner!) and the long press on the keyboard space-bar is more of a fiddle sometimes, but…

I don’t miss 3D Touch!