iPhone XR-slow to display WiFi logo

For those with an XR, when I turn on the phone’s WiFi when I’m away from home, most of the time I have to wait several minutes before the wifi icon is displayed on my phone, even though I can see the phone already has an IP address.

When I’m at home, the WiFi icon is displayed within seconds after enabling WiFi on the phone.

I assumed this was because every public router I’ve connected to was cheap and slow, but now I don’t feel that is the case.

Dies anyone else have this issue- with the XR or any iPhone?

It may not be applicable to your situation, but last year I took my US-based iPhone 6 to Europe. I had no difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi and the icon was always present. This year I took my new XR. I rarely got the Wi-Fi icon, even in the same locations and on the same network as the previous year.

I haven’t noticed the problem in the US, but maybe that’s just me.

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Hi if you didn’t see the WiFi icon, doesn’t that mean you’re on cellular only?

I had very sketchy Wi-Fi. I had no cellular data because I didn’t buy a European SIM card. Not recommended.