iPhone XS meltdowns

A friend will soon upgrade her old 6+ and looking at the XR. There are reports of the X Max suffering meltdowns. Photos here of one: https://9to5mac.com/2018/12/29/iphone-xs-max-fire-exploded/
Also, I’ve received reports of other X meltdowns from acquaintances in Texas and Illinois. Anybody know what’s going on? My friend needs a new phone before we go on vacation in July.

From all the technology podcasts I listen to, I haven’t heard of any problems with the Max. I have had no issues with mine.

No issues with my Max either. Love it!

I don’t know how many units have shipped, but one or two out of 40 million or so wouldn’t be a bad ratio.
I’d buy a phone.

Happy XS Max user here too… and I live in a country that’s constantly at high 80sF climate and super sunny every day. No problem here.