iPhone XS‘s battery health already down to 99%


I bought a XS at day 1 and checked my battery health today. It says 99% and I am a bit startled that this happened so quickly. If it continues to deteriote at this speed, it would be a huge bummer. What do you think? Just a coincidence or do I have to worry?

I’d keep an eye on it over a few battery cycles and try restarting your phone. It’s possible it’s just having a weird time reading the spec’d and current max capacities that could clear up.

I would be surprised you’d be down 1% already. Just checking my year-old iPhone 8+, I’m down to only 98%. (and I do no intentional battery management).

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I seem to remember a time, when batteries were a little less advanced, that occasionally it was recommended to run the battery until it dies and then charge up fully. Not sure if that will help.

You’re right, in times past that was recommended, but with current tech it isn’t necessary.

My iPhone 8 plus was down to 91% in July and it was less than a year old. I have a iPhone 10 Max now.

94% on my year-old iPhone 8 and like you, I’ve done nothing special w/ the battery. Plug it in when it needs it, occasionally plug in when I’m in the car (especially if I’m using navigation and it’s getting low), Qi charge it overnight.

I recommend you check out Apple’s documentation on battery health.

They point out high temperatures are a key factor in battery degradation. Eg, Don’t use your phone when it is super hot, don’t leave it in the sun. High temps cause permanent battery degradation as opposed to low temperatures, which cause temporary failures but no permanent damage.

91% on my 2 year old iPhone 7+.

1% is no biggie. If you see continual deteriorartion of yur battery, take your phone for a battery swap. But for now it’s nothing I would lose sleep over.

A little update: I talked to the Apple support and they find it peculiar. They told me to further observe it. If it continues to deteriorate at such a speed it would qualify for a battery replacement.