Iron Man - Jarvis - Shortcut

After going through David’s Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, I took his Jarvis Shortcut and modified it.
For all the features to work you have to install carrot weather on your device.

What it does:
It greets you
Gives you today’s date time
Tells you the device power level
Tells you what city you are in
Tells you the Carrot weather forecast for today.

It then looks at your calendar and if you have any appointments it will tell you how many you have
If you have more then 0 appointments, it runs through a loop and tells you:

Appointment start time, the name of the appointment and if you have multiple calendars, what calendar is was found on.

If you have 0 appointments it Skips theAppointment read loop and Tells you that you have no appointments that day.

After all that it wishes you a good day.

Future Enhancements:
Check your contacts and let you know if there are any birthdays today.

I’d like to share it but I can’t seem to figure how to get it out of Iphone and give a link so people could grab it from my icloud drive.

Any suggestions?



If you open the share sheet in shortcuts you should have the option to share an iCloud link.



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I thought that the icloud link was going to be the way to go but I didn’t know if the link was only accessible to me.

Here’s the link.
Improved Jarvis or Friday Since that’s What Iron Man uses now

I’d be interested if someone had a better way to contain it to reporting on Today’s appointments, with out repeating appointments that has already past. Time pickers seem a bit limiting,

Anyway this was my first semi-complicated shortcut. I hope someone finds it useful


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Hi Joe! I really love this shortcut. I have it hooked up to one of my alarms and I also had it tell me the classes I had for school that day! Just one quick question though. I am adding events to my calendar, and it is accurately telling me how many events there are, but it isn’t telling me what they are or when they occcur. Any ideas? (I don’t know if this helps but the time and date under the Calendar Find function is red) I’ll attach a screenshot below.
Matthew Parry