Is AirPort Time Capsule still a thing?

I often forget to plug my external USB drive into the MacBook Air to run Time Machine. If I go into Time Machine, I can see today and yesterday’s hourly backup in the timeline, but I cannot see beyond yesterday. I suspect that I didn’t plug in the USB drive. And so, this got me thinking, should I hunt for a 3TB Airport Time Capsule in eBay and buy it so I can backup wirelessly? What do you use? (NAS is probably too expensive and produce a lot of heat and so, I’m not into it)

I have a hard drive hooked up to my iMac that is shared with my MBP. The MBP uses Time Machine on that drive when plugged in. The problem is TM is incredibly slow over a Wi-Fi network. It takes a couple of hours to do what a direct connection would do in 10 minutes.

You could just plug a drive into your router and do the same thing, depending on your router.

I am using an Eero router and there is no USB port. Looks like I need to be discipline enough to plug it in every one or two days.

I’m still using a Time Capsule (in fact I have two) but, honestly, they’re pretty old. If you do find one I’d recommend replacing the drive immediately.


The Airport Time Capsule is essentially a NAS - there should be no extra heat than than Time Capsule. I’d be hesitant to get an old Time Capsule, as the drives are likely to fail, so you wouldn’t be a good position anyhow.

A Synology DS120j is just over £100, add in a hard drive of choice and that would do network Time Machine backups. Heat should be no real difference to running the hard drive in the a disk enclosure, though might be slightly higher as it’ll have a CPU as well, but the 120j is a small ARM processor, so nothing hugely power hungry.


The day Apple announced its discontinuation of the Time Capsule, I went out to to my local Apple Store and bought a new one from among the remaining few on the shelf. It’s still going strong, but running only every four hours under direction from the TimeMachineEditor app. But I also back up my Mac each evening using Carbon Copy Cloner to an external drive I plug in and then unplug after the backup. Most days I use the same drive, but on Fridays I use the next drive in rotation from a set of four weekly backups.

I loved having a Diskstation (I have a big 4 drive one that mysteriously reset itself one day, so I stopped using it), but I always struggled with how do you back it up? I use BackBlaze, which won’t back it up, and doing it manually is expensive and difficult if you have a lot of space.

Well if the primary data is on the Mac, then the Synology is just a backup. Following 3-2-1, you should have another copy offsite anyhow.

My Synology backs up to Synology C2 offsite, so I’ve got my primary data on the Mac, backups on the NAS and then offsite with C2. I also have an offline copy kept at work. I currently have less than 300GB of data that I’ve deemed that I need multiple backups of. The rest would be hinderance if it was lost, but nothing major.

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I was using my Diskstation for more than just back ups, so I needed it backed up offsite. C2 looks like it maxes out at 2TB as well, which wasn’t enough. I am sure I could have found something, but I am scared to think how much it would have cost me. Anyway, I love Synology’s stuff, and it is good for backups (although again TM over WiFi is slow), I just struggled with the backing it up part (and it crashing on me).

A one or two disk NAS would be a great idea in @Topre’s case, regardless of my concerns.