Is anyone else having issues with alerts from iCloud Calendars?

I use iCloud Calendars and the default Calendars app on iOS and macOS and I’ve been having trouble with getting alerts to properly sync for some time now. Across all my devices I have the following default alerts set: birthdays and all-day events at 9am, and individual events at time of event. I have “time to leave” enabled along with “location suggestions.” No other Calendar apps installed, although Things is given calendar access on all devices, and Day One and Deliveries both given calendar access on iOS devices.

Some issues I have are:

  • Sometimes I’ll create an event and it’ll tell me that there are two alerts set to “at time of event.” I haven’t figured out how to reproduce this because this isn’t something I notice until later on, and it doesn’t always happen. As luck would have it, I can’t reproduce it at this moment nor find an example screenshot right now.

  • If I remove the alerts from an event on one device (iPhone), there is a 90% chance that it won’t get removed on my other devices (iPad) and then about a 50% chance for the alert to re-appear on the original device (iPhone).

The reason I made this post was because I created a repeating “running” time-block event on my iPhone, specifically with no alerts, but I just heard the event sound on my iPad across the room. It doesn’t seem like a syncing issue because I didn’t create an event and then remove the alert, I created the event with no alerts to begin with so there shouldn’t be a “residual” alert before it happened to sync. So then I edited the event on my iPad and deleted the alerts… and now on my iPhone it says there is an alert “at time of event.”

This has been a problem for a while now and has led me to just disable all calendar notifications in the past because it was just noise since alerts I didn’t want to see showed up anyway. This isn’t really a fix though, just sticking my head in the ground, so I’m trying to finally address it and figure out what the hell is wrong with my setup.

Is there anyone else that has had these issues before and have fixed it? How? If nobody else is having these issues and use the exact same setup as me then can you share your alert/calendar settings so I can compare?