Is anyone else waiting for a "14 inch MacBook Pro"?

There have obviously been no announcements, zero(!); but am I holding out hope for what may turn out to be vaporware?

I have an old, 15" MBP, And I’ve honestly been waiting for Apple to do something,ANYTHING , about the keyboard.

I figured they couldn’t ignore the KB complaints forever and I would try to outlast them.

My first MBP was a 15" from late 2008. When I upgraded, 5 years later I was just pushing the edges of what it could do (however, I had upgraded the RAM myself, replaced the HDD w/ a fusion-type drive, added a CF card reader to the mini-slot, etc.).

I’ve made my 2nd MBP (Late 2013) last longer because I did not want to mess with the “new and improved” keyboards. … I have literally seen people with these MBPs in coffee shops, toting external wired and wireless keyboards!!

I would like to have the abilities of a MPB and gain the extra portability of the smaller form factor. … I’ll miss the screen real estate; but have a nice iPad (11" iPad Pro) I plan to use as a second screen sometimes and, when at home, I plan to plug into an external monitor and KB.

Not even Macrumors seems to have heard of a pending 14" MBP.

Am I hoping for something that won’t materialize?

Any rumors out there I’m not seeing?



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I assume we’ll definitely see at least one MBA because many educational institutions in the US make springtime purchases for students. A new MBP might be more suited to rollout close to this year’s ADC (which is what Apple has renamed their June WWDC).

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With the MBP 13” brand being so powerful. I wonder if they’ll do a “13.9” version like how they made the iPad Pro 12.9” to avoid the laptop size perception.

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I’ll be travelling overseas in July, and I’m eagerly waiting for a MacBook Air or Pro with a screen size at most 14” and a scissor-switch keyboard that I can take overseas with me.

I currently have a 2013 15” MacBook Pro, but it’s too heavy for overseas travel (carry-on only!), and it will basically become my desktop until it dies once I get a new MacBook.

Curious to hear people’s thoughts: given that Apple has previously had 11”, 13”, 15” and 17” laptops (with the first and last discontinued), and given that Apple has released the 16” MacBook Pro, could Apple release a 12” MacBook Air and a 14” MacBook Pro next year?

I’m perhaps overly hopeful, and I was seriously considering purchasing a clearance 12” MacBook Adorable, but I do wonder if they will move from odd to even screen sizes across the board.

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