Is Apple Notes iCloud sync "sticky" for you?

Overall AN is working well but I frequently have to close and reopen AN on other devices to get sync to start when I’ve made changes on another device. I call this “sticky” sync.

Does anyone else experience this issue? I occasionally run into this problem with Apple Mail but never with the Reminders app. It is mostly an AN issue.

I haven’t used AN seriously in years (I just use it when I am using the pencil for quick notes now), but yes, that used to happen fairly often. Or it wouldn’t sync at all and I would have to do the logging in and out of iCloud thing, rebooting machines, etc. It seems to have gotten better on that part in the last couple of years though.

iCloud gets a bit lethargic from time to time and AN, especially if it contains a lot of attachments, is frequently the first to suffer. IMO

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I haven’t noticed with AN so much as Craft. In my usage it laaaaaaaaaags so much between Mac/iPad/iPhone.