Is Backblaze as a business in trouble

I’ve used BB for years, and appreciate what they do, so much so that I bought stock when they offered their IPO. Over the last few months the stock has lost around 66% of the market value. That lead me to wonder if the business might be in trouble? Any thoughts appreciated.


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I don’t think I’d be worried yet. Worth noting that stock price has far less to do with the financial health of a company than one would typically think - especially over the very short term, which is the only term for which Backblaze stock has even existed. :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s a fine investment now. :stuck_out_tongue: I read the latest earnings transcript and I think what they are investing in makes sense and I believe them that they can land these developer partnerships to grow B2 revenue.

That said, the stock could fall a lot further!

I do not recall ever being interested in the share price of any software company whose products I use, or of any manufacturer of any product I buy, for that matter. What’s the point of fretting about these things? I spend my time making sure my data is secure by backing it up to multiple places. That’s something i can control – the stock market is not something I can control.

The market itself has fallen considerably since their IPO.

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Saw that too. TBH I never know how to understand those reports, but they are very infrastructure business so their margins are not as high

I’ve seen twelve months of higher than normal earnings disappear since January 1 and currently my “growth curve” looks like a black diamond ski run.

AFAIK Backblaze is continuing to be profitable which may be all they can do for now. Everyone in the market may be in for a bumpy ride for a while.

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I am not a guru in stock market. However, I know that share prices variation may not be directly related to the fundamentals of the company. A lot of times, it relates the sentiment of the market or sector and the result compares to the analysts’ expectation (exceed or below)


I looked at the prospectus for the IPO and didn’t think it was a good buy at the time. Figured it would take some time to have consistent profitability. If their long term prospects are good, there will be a good time to buy in.