Is Dictation better on Catalina?

I haven’t upgraded yet. If dictation is significantly better on Catalina than Mojave, that could push me to make the jump. What has your experience been?

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I tried it the other day. You still have the silly cutoff without warning after what seems like very few seconds.


How’d the accuracy?

In my experience, dictation has taken a significant leap forward in terms of accuracy in Catalina. Having a good mic (I use a Blue Yeti) and a quiet environment helps.

On a side note, I REALLY like the text to speech improvements in Catalina. I use this all the time when proofreading documents, posts, etc. The voice is very easy to listen to and intelligently parses the text (for example, if the text contains “i.e.” it wll be spoken as “that is”).


As a sidenote to a sidenote, I can never keep i.e. and e.g. straight. I have to google every time I use them.

I am very comfortable dictating on the iPhone. Probably about half of what I write on the iPhone is dictated these days. I dictate into the iPad less than on the iPhone. But I am dictating into the iPad right now.

It occurs to me that I can dictate into Drafts on the iPhone, and then grab the text on the Mac and fix it there.

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I meant to write:

On a side note, I REALLY like the text to speech improvements…

I made the correction to my post.

I also created a short audio clip so that you can hear this in action using some text from this thread. Click here to listen:

p.s. (“post scriptum” in Latin, or “written after” in English)

i.e. is Latin for “id est” that translates to “that is”
e.g. is Latin for “exempli gratia”, that is typically translated as “for example”

p.s. I knew those three years of Latin I studied in High School would pay off one day. :slight_smile:

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The benefits of a classical education :slight_smile: (which I suffer from, too.) :slight_smile:

The real question - in English as she is wrote :slight_smile: - is whether to capitalise and whether to use dots. I’m getting used to lower case without dots, hence the “as she is wrote” descriptivism.

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